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Secret Keeper Girl

Secret Keeper GirlWelcome to the world of The Secret Keeper Girl website.

I kinda came across this website by mistake (I was looking for something a little more Doctor Who based), its not the prettiest place in the world… I’m not sure if its because its a Flash based nightmare, or if its the mad colours… but I’m not sure if I like it…

What do you reckon?

Useful resource for children?


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  1. 1. That site looks like an awful combination of Lisa Frank and Geocities.

    2. Even after reading the for-grownups FAQ, I don’t get why it’s called “Secret Keeper Girls”. It’s a site about modesty, okay, I get that part. But their tips for staying modest are called “Secrets” even though they clearly don’t want to keep them secret, which is weird. I think they should have chosen a better name.

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