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Weekly Roundup: The Lego Edition

July 28, 2012 ThatAndy 0

With @richardlittleda @philcooke @bigbible @pamjweb @xiannewmedia @Digitalnun @MichaelHyatt @jonacuff

Taking a look at grief, managing creative people, the bible, Lego, and possibly the most welcoming welcome ever….

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Tambourines in church…

July 26, 2012 ThatAndy 1

Do you bring a tambourine into Church? Be careful how you handle it… From A woman was apparently playing a tambourine too loudly during Wednesday […]

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Debate Tuesday: The Bible

July 24, 2012 ThatAndy 0

“The importance of The Bible is under estimated”. Discuss ThatAndyMarried. Dad. Blogger / WordPress / Web / Social media Guy Photographer. Support worker. Short sentences. […]