When Inspiration Leaves The Area

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I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I put the fingers onto the keyboard, and start typing… nothing much comes out. I want to start blogging, I know I have something to say, but sometimes the brain isn’t awake enough to create anything. The heart is there, but inspiration and the ability to create has left the area.

If this is anything like you, check out our list of ideas to help enthuse and inspire the senses
  • Tea. Take a moment, grab a drink of Tea (or coffee), and have a break. Don’t think. Refuel. Chill.
  • Play a video game. May sound odd on the surface of things, but as Andy Robertson points out in his Ted Talk, video games give you not just the chance to read the story, but to also be the story. Is there anything in these stories that could inspire? (For those interested, The Church Sofa asks what this could mean for the Church.)
  • Read a book. Simply step away from the computer! Pick up a book. Possibly even one with pages! One that makes you think, challanges your perceptions, and may give you a different angle on what you think you already understand.
  • Switch the TV on! Some will wonder what I’m on about here. I’ve heard so many people comment how much more productive they are when the TV is switched off, but if you’re not being productive anyway, what could be wrong with having it on? Just make sure its something you find positive, uplifting, and inspiring. Don’t spend your time watching rubbish that is simply going to dull your mind. Richard Littledale has also suggested watching the storytelling used in advertising.
  • Music. Do you have some songs that help you concentrate more then others? If they’re on your computer it might be worth while to put a “creative” playlist together, to help your work flow easily.
  • Talk. Are you on Twitter? If so try asking people what you should blog about? In fact this post was inspired after asking for suggestions by using the #digidisciple hashtag on Twitter. Alternatively, get out. Meet up with people, get a beer, coffee, or just go somewhere by yourself and take in some different surroundings.
  • Keep eyes open. Inspiration can be found from some of the oddest places. For example there may be a blog post coming from Mrs Sofa on female self image after seeing a couple of gingerbread people in Sainsbury’s.
  • We have a creator God who takes pleasure in creation. Could be wise to spend some time with him.

Where do you find inspiration from?


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