The Church Sofa Guide To Church: Ways to survive the peace


So you’re at church, and everyone is starting to share the peace. You’re not the sort of person that gets on with this sort of thing, and upon realizing that its to late to escape… you’re starting to freak out.

If this is you, well don’t freak out, check out our list of ten ways to survive “The Peace”:

  1. Try jumping from pew to pew… Its a chance to get fit…
  2. Have a competition with someone to see how many people you can say the peace to.
  3. No one want to join? Have a a competition against youself from week to week.
  4. Lets face it. Its an excuse to hug that hot girl / guy.
  5. Fancy hanging out in the corner? Have a tissue with you so you can pretend to have the plague or something…
  6. From week to week, come to church dressed in different disguises as different members of the church. Pretend to be those people… see if anyone gets fooled…
  7. Like taking photos? Take random photos of people as they come to shake your hand. Try posting them on twitter… tell people this is part of an art / creative project you’re currently taking part in.
  8. Take the chance to plot with your mate while the good lady wife is distracted.
  9. Need a chance to grab a drink, this is your chance to nip to the kitchen…
  10. Shake peoples hand. Tell them you’re fine. Ask them how they’re doing. And hope they’re more honest then you.

Any more?

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