Debate Tuesday: The Great Worship Questions

Normally signaled by a comment in church like “We’re now going to start our time of worship”, worship can look very different from church to church and from location to location. This is one part of the church that can create debate after debate. Instead of going into them all in much depth, heres a few debate starters to approach your friendly local  worship leader with:

  1. Why does it seem that every song has to have mention Jesus in it… “Lover of my soul” sounds way better than “Jesus lover of my soul”.
  2. Organ, or not to Organ?
  3. Why dont we raise our hands?
  4. Why do we get told to raise our hands?
  5. Why does our worship leader seem to be telling the band what to play?
  6. Did you realise that the using drums just doesn’t work?
  7. Dont you practice the spontaneous parts?
  8. Why did the spontaneous bit this morning, sound like the spontaneous bit last week?
  9. Why do we sing so much stuff by Graham Kendrick / Matt Redman / Chris Tomlin / Charles Wesley / Hillsongs?
  10. Why do we get told to lead lives of worship, but have a specific time of worship?


Any we’re missed out?

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