Debate Tuesday – Should Church meet in a Church or a Shed?

After seeing our series of posts asking if a Church should meet in a church or a shed, we’ve had the following submission from Lucy:

Getting The Priorities Right

What if churches, no longer had four walls.

And their members, could meet somewhere else.

It would save so much time, on fund raising.

When the roof needs, yet another repair.

All the time spent, at so many meetings.

Discussing what needs, to be done.

More times often spent, on the church building.

Than what the church, should be about.

Christianity, is not about buildings.

Regardless of what, some people say.

But worship, of our father in heaven.

And supporting our friends, who are in need.

Our time should be spent, telling others .

Of God’s love, for each one of them.

And not wasted, on those long discussions.

About what covering, should be placed on the floor.

What do you think?

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