ChurchSofa Guide To Church: Different Types of “Peace Giver”

Finishing our series looking at the peace, heres a couple types of “Peace Giver”… (with thanks to Dave Walker)

Different Types of The Peace Givers At Church

This cartoon originally appeared in the Church Times and is taken from ‘The Dave Walker Guide to the Church’, published by Canterbury Press.

Any more types out there?

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  1. Isn’t the ‘peace’ supposed to be about forgiveness, healing hurts, & bridging gaps we have allowed to arise, before we come to communion?.
    Let’s make sure we don’t let this image, however lightly offfered (and I’m sure we all recognise the partial truths it represents) build up negative stereotypes, and so increase the gaps between us.
    We cannot come to ask for forgiveness of God and celebrate His forgiveness to us, if we are not at one with our family. If we need a better way of expressing and achieving this, what might it be…?

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