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Weekly RoundUp: The Britain 2015 Edition

June 30, 2012 ThatAndy 0

With thanks to @Shelter, @notbovvered, @salon, @DeanRobertsNet, @churchmag, @guardian

Looking at a possible future Britain, Housing Benefit changes, free beds for journalists, Food in church, and Dodgy Christian School Text books.

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Welcome to Lego Hell

June 29, 2012 ThatAndy 0 presents the Nine Circles of Hell, as presented in lego: ThatAndyMarried. Dad. Blogger / WordPress / Web / Social media Guy Photographer. Support worker. Short […]

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A Christian iPad?

June 26, 2012 ThatAndy 0

Welcome to Edifi: Looks like a Christian iPad / Android tablet… Cant help but wonder: Would you use something like this? How does “Safe Browsing” […]