Why God would own an iPhone

Every now and then, there is a blog post that stirs the soul and body into action. Not just to comment on the post, not just to discuss on Twitter, but to also write a reply post yourself. I hear you mutter… “What could this outrageous post be?”

Well it came from the pen of @garethjenkins82, in his post “Why God would own a BlackBerry“.

I feel that couldn’t be allowed to pass without stepping in to defend the humble iPhone, so in true Sofa style we’d like to present:

Reasons Why God Would Own an iPhone

  1. We’ve tried Android. We’ve tried Windows Mobile. And yes, we’ve tried Blackberry…
  2. Its known as a Jesus Phone! Enough said surely?
  3. Gareth argues that “God created every part of us just the way He wanted it.” Well yes he did, but he also gave us the chance to adapt and learn new things… just like installing apps…
  4. God likes a conversation… Siri likes a conversation…
  5. I’m sure God takes pleasure in the beautiful moments… the camera on the 4s would do that perfectly…
  6. He doesn’t need to worry if he uses a BIS or a BES server*.
  7. God is a user friendly God. The iPhone is a user friendly phone…
  8. Due to how easy it is for multiple Apple devices to sync up, he’ll be able to have one for the Son, and the Holy Spirit as well.
  9. Have you ever walked into an Apple store? They are beautiful places, well kept, and full of friendly approachable people… like Church?
  10. At the end of the day God would own an iPhone quite simply because he’s awesome.
Still not convinced? Check out this video from The Rend Collective playing “How Great Is Our God” just on iPhones:


Obviously none of this should be taken 100% seriously… maybe 95%….


*Sorry for the geekery

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  1. I don’t think he’d own either until the appalling working conditions improve… His children doing 70hours overtime, mostly unpaid, before the latest release…

  2. I admit this comment will make me sound more weird than a passionate christian already sounds, but has no one commented on the fact that the apple logo is an apple with a bite taken out? I mean who was responsible for Eve taking that bite in the garden of eden….?!
    I’m just saying…;)
    (to point out I am not that weird I do have various apple products…!)

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