The Church Sofa Guide To Church: The Peace

Some churches do this more then others.

But a lot of churches do this in the lead up to Communion.

I’m referring to “The Peace”, or “Exchanging The Peace”. This is the part of the service where the vicar would say something like “The peace of Christ be with you”, the congregation would respond with “and also with you”, before being invited to share the peace with each other.

Depending on the church depends on how crazy the following few minutes are, as the congregation starts shaking hands, hugging, or Christian kissing people around them. If you’re new and a little shy this will be the point you’ll find out how keen your new church is to seek you out and give you lots and lots of attention!

If this sounds like some sort of Christian Nightmare to you… I’d suggest that as soon as you hear the words “Peace of Christ be with you”, that you dive head first towards the door. Or you could take the risk and maybe find out that the people around you arn’t really that bad really…

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