Debate Tuesday: The Chair or The Pew? (Part2)

Last week, ThatAndy stuck up for the old school Church Pew.

Now personally I reckon that Chairs are not only the future in Church comfort, but they’re also overly more useful. Basically chairs are better then pews because:

  1. Chairs are usually more comfortable.
  2. Chairs work very well as foot rests, pews are much more damaging to the ankles.
  3. Can be set up for slalom races…better than straight line races any day.
  4. The give the health and safety person something to moan about when they’re stacked 5 times the height of the tallest person in the church. This moaning helps them feel wanted. Which is a good.
  5. More useful as building blocks (i.e if you want to find out what Solomon’s temple looked like during a boring sermon).
  6. On the subject of boring sermons a pew would be very hard work to throw at the preacher… a chair on the other hand…
  7. When you’re told to take a seat, with a chair you could literally take it with you
  8. There is always one really bad chair that you don’t want…this encourages people to be on time…
  9. You can lean back on a chair on 2 legs,  I know that is not what it was made for but we all do it… Try it on a pew… go on… try it…
  10. The youth worker is kept happy with chairs for when they have a crazy idea involving the whole church building, like when I turned the church into a beach by filling it with sand, turning the heat up, lighting a BBQ and playing volleyball! (Lets face it, a happy youth worker is important)

Any other reasons?

So which gets your vote? The chair or the pew?


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