Debate Tuesday – Should Church meet in a Church or a Shed?

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I imagine that if we were to list the questions asked by church going folks over the ages, one of the oldest might well be: “Where do we ‘do’ Church?” Where should people meet together as a community of believers?

So for the next two weeks we’re going to be asking: “Should Church meet in a church or a shed?”

Allotment plot with shed empty chair and green vegetables Chippi
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Now, I just want to be clear. I don’t really mean a shed. I mean any building that isn’t a “church building”, so therefore schools, homes, pubs, sheds etc…

This week, we’re going to look at why Church should meet in a shed? (With thanks to our sample group who offered a lot of opinions on the subject)

  1. Churches that don’t meet in a Church Building, don’t have to worry about fixing the spire.
  2. We can keep the focus on meeting where people are.
  3. Its easier to invite someone to church in your home…  Apparently.
  4. Need to put a chair stacking rota together?  Meet in someones home… they already have chairs.
  5. Find it difficult to find something to lean when you make sermon notes? Meet in a pub… they have tables!!!
  6. No cold church halls!!!
  7. You’re not going to have everyone complain about the tea
  8. Meet in a pub? Get a pint.
  9. Meeting in peoples homes increases the chances of sharing each others lives and journeys…
  10. By meeting in a shed you can be thankful you don’t have to be “distracted” by maintenance issues… thereby making you far more spiritual then that lot up the road that meet in an old unusable church building…

Next week, we’ll look at why the Church should meet in a church building

  • Does your Church meet away from a church building?
  • Any particular reason why?
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