Picture a Church Building…

… or at least a new Church building…

What does it look like?

What is it built from?

A couple of weeks ago we asked if we imagined enough in the work that churches do. Well what if that imagination was also applied to our buildings?

Here’s something we missed last month from dailywhat.org.uk:

Congregation builds its own church from junk

A community in north Glasgow is using old drinks cans, car tyres, shipping containers, wooden pallets and straw bales to build a new church, theatre and community centre.

The cans are being used to make walls and furniture, the tyres to form foundations, the containers and pallets to create buildings and the straw bales to create insulation.

It is one of the most ambitious recycling projects in the country.

Building work has already started and the aim is to complete the project by April 2014.

“We are creating our new building ourselves – one can, one tyre, one straw bale at a time,” said Reverend Christopher Rowe, the minister of Colston Milton Parish Church.

“The people of Milton will be building out of material commonly regarded as rubbish, things that people throw away but which in reality could be given another life in all sorts of ways.”

Hundreds of local people have so far collected more than two tonnes of used aluminium cans, and aim to gather a further two tonnes. Some will be used to make walls and furniture, and some sold to raise money for the project.

The new community building will also make use of more than 500 worn car tyres, 300 wooden pallets, 12 shipping containers, old roofing tiles and scaffolding planks.

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