Do We Talk, When We Should Shout?

Here’s the challenge.

You have a new TV channel which you need to advertise.

Lets face it, you’re going to be putting together TV adverts to shout about your new channel. But how do you do it? TV adverts are generally fairly standard and expected, could you make an event out of the expected standard events?

Check this out on:

They haven’t just made a standard TV advert, they also made a local event, and a youtube clip which feels like its gone around the internet. Twice.

How much effort is put into events within the church, just for the advertising to be a comment on the notice sheet, or a 20 – 30 second comment during the notices?  What can be done to raise awareness and excitement within a church?

Here are a few ways to get people talking to each other and talking about your event:

  1. Make sure your event information is detailed online somewhere, therefore people can get further information, or indeed double check the start time when they forget what was said during the notices.
  2. Are there cakes involved with your event? If you have an oven at church, try baking a cake or two during the service to be shared afterwards. You’ll find the smell and taste of fresh cake can get peoples attention, and will stick in their minds… just ensure you give out leaflets about your event whilst you’re giving the cake out!
  3. Does your event involve any drama / plays? If so try having your stars walk through the congregation mid service, dressed as, and acting in character.
  4. Do the above, but have your stars giving out leaflets which contain a web link to a Facebook page for your event.
  5. Have posters up containing just a QR code pointing people to the website. If people don’t know what they are, then the posters may end up being a good conversation starter.
  6. Invite people on Facebook to a Facebook Event.
  7. Could you create a trailer for your event, and show it during the service? It may stick in the mind more then a standard verbal notice, and if people complain that they missed it, then it could always be uploaded to Youtube for later watching.

What else can we do to encourage people to talk both online and offline?

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