Debate Tuesday: The Chair or The Pew?

Its an argument that has been going on since its invention.

Yes its comfy, yes they are warmer to the touch then a pew.

But why should we uproot tradition in some churches, and replace the humble pew, with the young chair?

Here are a few reasons why I really do believe the Mighty Church Pew should be protected in our churches:

  1. People expect to see a pew in a church. Lets not make people feel any more uncomfortable then they are.
  2. Solid climbing frame. You can let the kids go nuts over them, and have no fear of chair style tippage.
  3. Mini race tracks.
  4. Easier to keep track of ‘your pew’ – Less chance of a pew moving…
  5. You can talk for ages after the service and not have anyone try and stack your pew away from under you.
  6. You can save your chewing gum for next time.
  7. A handy shelf for supplies like bibles, song books, notice sheets, coke, chocolate… etc…
  8. Put a few cushions down, get a blanket, and you’ve got yourself somewhere to kip.
  9. Need a bigger youth budget? Got a pew with a door on the end? Charge people to enter the back couple of rows.
  10. “Best burning material since we burned the cat.”

Any other reasons why pews work better then chairs?

The “chair people” will get their say next week!

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  1. When the subject of removing pews comes up, its strange that those most against their removal, are those who make a point of always sitting on the single row of chairs.

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