Church Sofa Half Serious Guide to Church: Now?


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  1. First ask: why did we change how we worked, or did school?

    When workplaces were ordered hierarchies, with the drones reporting to a foreman, and so forth, they were shaped in a way which fitted. As they have become more collaborative, with people at different “levels” realising they need one another to achieve something as a group, the shape has changed accordingly.

    When schools were streamed one-way learning, with the teacher as the absolute source of knowledge and and the students empty vessels waiting to be filled with information, they were shaped in a way which fitted. As we have realised the benefits of collaborative learning, discovery, questioning and curiosity to develop as individuals and as a group, the shape has changed accordingly.

    So question one has to be: “How did churches every get that shape in the first place?”. Paul addresses all of his major epistles to collectives. People were to mix together, edify one another and encourage one another, regardless of their “level” to develop as individuals and as a group. How did we end up shaped like a 1950’s office?

    I won’t answer that question, because there are more interesting questions. Question two, obviously, is your original one: “What should church look like in the light of this realisation?”. There are probably plenty of design and behavioural theories that could be invoked around the effectiveness of clustering, and how our church service “structure” would change. I’d love to hear a professional’s view.

    But the third stems from me wondering why we should be copying workplaces and schools anyway. If now we can observe that we should ever have looked like a 1950’s workplace or school, will our grandchildren be able to see with equal clarity the reasons we should never have looked like a 2013 workplace or school? In some areas, we’re already way ahead of the curve. “Working from home” is only just beginning to take off, but we’ve been “Churching from home” since time immemorial. (And yet we don’t Skype into church meetings)

    We often talk about what church should “look” like behaviourally. But there’s a definite space for a conversation to be had – based on biblical principles – of what shape a Christ-centred, spirit-inspired worshipping community should look like physically.

    Thinking caps on everyone!

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