Church Sofa Half Serious Guide To Church: Annual Church Meeting

Its the time of year again.

The financial year has begun again, and this leads onto the Annual Church Meeting. That time when Churches meet, discuss the year, look at reports, and look at the year ahead.

Now I’m  a believer in the church family having a look at the business end of the church, if nothing else it gives the entire church a chance to catch and hear from areas of life which they may not be involved in… but I believe some precautions are needed.

So we present:

The Church Sofa Guide to Surviving a Church Annual Meeting

  1. Don’t stitch up your mate cos he’ll do it to you
  2. Make sure you go so you’re not volunteered for everything
  3. Plan your escape routes
  4. Bring a book/video game for when they talk about the flower arranging committee and sub committee
  5. Begin every sentence with ‘No’
  6. Vote against everything
  7. Link to the post about swapping shifts along way into the future
  8. When people are giving reports on the year, set them a time limit… with water guns at the ready…
  9. Dont forget the emergency supplies of chocolate
  10. iPhone – need we say anything else?

Any more?

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  1. Our’s was amazingly popular – we had 70 people come along and shared coffee and cake before/during. It was really popular because big decisions had been made, but people weren’t there to be negative, they came to encourage our vicar and find out more about the exciting next year 😀

  2. Ours is also popular as we have combined it with a meal. I do like the idea of the water pistols though … we are a Baptist church so could take it one step further – reports to be given on a platform over the baptismal pool and if you go over time you get dunked??

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