Stop Blogging. Do Something.

Let me tell you a story.

Pretty much a year ago, we published the following:

If you haven’t noticed. Twitter was all a bit of a storm over the weekend, with Christians either having a moan about a new book from Rob Bell, or having a moan about people having a moan about Rob Bell… To the point he started trending on Twitter. Seriously… people thought he had died!

While all this was going on, a few people started muttering about soup kitchens being banned in Westminster.

Thats a joke right? In the age of “Big Society” and people looking after each other… instead of the government being involved… you would think that soup kitchens would be encouraged.

The Daily Mail seems to confirm this isn’t a joke…

Now why cant we all get angry over this instead?


(On a side note. Lets wait for Robs’ book to be released before we all go nuts…)

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Now, this did prompt some discussion on Twitter, mostly about homelessness, but there was one comment that stick with me a little bit. I cant remember who said it, cant remember exactly what was said, but it was something like: “Instead of being angry, why dont you do something?”

So I’m going to put it to you.

Do you fancy doing something a little unique and different for charity, and possibly help one more person not have to sleep rough?

The Church Sofa Lads are taking part in the Exeter Sleep Easy, why dont you join in either at Exeter, or at one of many many locations around England.

YMCA – Sleepeasy

Just Giving


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