Church Sofa Half Serious Guide To Church: Sermon Illustrations

In churches around the world today, sermons will be preached, words will be given, and lessons will be learnt.

To aid with this, a lot of preachers use “sermon illustrations” to try and explain, what can be at times, fairly complicated ideas. These illustrations can be in the form of movies, dramas, a quick story, or even a joke. Whatever form the illustration takes, they are normally quick and well controlled.

Ever wished these illustrations were… more interactive? Here are ten physical illustrations that you could do to help your minister*:

  1. Make an ark out of pews…
  2. Revelation type sermon? Ask a friend to lay your clothes down on a spare chair. See if any one looks worried.
  3. Re-enact almost child sacrifice
  4. Make a hole in church roof
  5. Fill up your baptism pool, try walking on it…
  6. Challenge. Drag a bush into the church building, set it alight… Without it burning…
  7. Prove how difficult it is to get a camel through the eye of a needle.
  8. Try and share 5 loaves and two fish as in-service snacks between the entire congregation.
  9. Try to summon fire from heaven.
  10. Is there a sermon on the Arc of theĀ covenant? Re-enact THAT scene at the end of Indiana jones!

*Please be aware that some of the above could be fairly dangerous, and may result in police involvement, water damage, fire damage, and / or death. So dont blame us for anything!

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  1. I really am laughing out loud. The vicar at our church is keen on illustrating his sermons in new and lively ways, I might suggest some of these! I would particularly like to see the camel through the eye if a needle demonstration! šŸ™‚

  2. Thanks. There’s a few there I haven’t tried. From my own experience it’s not too good to set fire to someone’s hair to illustrate Pentecost.

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