Are Christians Online, Christians Online?

The Church Sofa lads would probably say that social media plays a fairly large part of our lives, we’re regularly on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube among other things. In fact a while ago we realised that one of the main ways we communicate is through Facebook messenger or tweeting each other (a lot of The Church Sofa gets planned that way too). We’re always looking for ways to make sure that we’re doing our very best to have integrity between our personal lives, our profesional lives and our online lives and one of the key parts of that is our faith.

Three in four digital-savvy Christians in the UK use social media to chat about God, according to poll data released by Tearfund today.

The poll revealed that 74% of online UK Christians welcome the opportunity to reveal their faith on digital platforms, while the remaining 26% do not feel comfortable talking publicly about their faith online.


Are Christians Online, Christians Online?

The data shows that Christians are regularly posting prayer requests and updates online. One of the most popular platforms is Facebook, with nearly half of those polled using the social networking site to ask for prayer or to pray for their friends.

Quotes from the poll:

* “I reach more people through social media than I do with my sermons!”
* “Everyone who knows me in ‘real-life’ can see my faith on a daily basis; I don’t see why social media should be any different.”
* “I am very cautious of what I post on social networking sites regarding my faith. I am not trying to hide the fact I am a Christian, but I do not want to continually shove it in people’s faces.”

Facebook and Twitter also came out on top when Christians were asked whether their prayers were prompted by what they read online, with an average of 80% across all age groups saying they often get inspiration to pray from what they read on these social networks.

The results are announced as Tearfund launches One Voice, their Global Poverty Prayer Week. From Sunday February 26th to Sunday March 4th 2012 Tearfund will unite with churches, organisations and individuals across the world to pray, with a focus on Micah 6:8: “And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.”

“It’s great to see that, as we share more and more of our lives through social networks, prayer is part of our conversation,” says David Westlake, Tearfund’s Integral Mission Director. “One Voice unites Christians through a global movement of prayer, both online and offline, to come together in community with the last, the least and the lost in some of the most difficult places on the earth.”

During the One Voice week of prayer, churches around the world will pray using resources provided by Tearfund including prayer guides, a short film and a digital interactive prayer space for sharing prayer requests and stories of answered prayer. The web space brings together prayers from all over the world, including countries such as Nepal, Vietnam and Columbia, bringing Christians across the world together in a global prayer movement.

Tearfund have also teamed up with mobile Bible application YouVersion to create a seven-day reading plan of reflections and prayers based on Micah 6:8, reaching over ten million smart phones.

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So over to you:

  • How Christian are you online?
  • Is the online you the same as the offline you?
  • Can or should you be more Christian online than you are?
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  1. OK what would you say on fb? I don’t see anyone asking for prayer on the part I see, and I just wonder what people’s posts actually look like?

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