Dear @PastorMark

Dear Mark,

Did you really say this?

“Let’s just say this: right now, name for me the one young, good Bible teacher that is known across Great Britain. You don’t have one – that’s the problem. There are a bunch of cowards who aren’t telling the truth.”

Dont want to sound mean (but if I dont tell the truth I’m a coward), but its not like you’re particularly well known over here for being a young good Bible teacher.

Yours faithfully,


Team Sofa


P.S Do you have a new book out or something?


Find out what I’m on about:

Christian Today

Richard Littledale

Update – Pastor Mark offers a reply

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  1. Entirely agreed.


    … I haven’t seen anyone answer his question. Everyone is angry, but I don’t see people naming the young teacher he’s looking for. So, who is it? Who are Christians excited about?

    Or do we just not have a preacher-centred culture in the UK?

    • I’m going to cheat and quote Krish K:

      “It doesn’t sound like Driscoll is rejoicing the ministry of Mike Pilavaci, Andy Croft, Jo Saxton and the impact these preachers are having on tens of thousands of young people each summer at Soul Survivor. Doesn’t sound like he’s particularly appreciative of Rico Tice coming from the other end of the theological spectrum whose course is being used by hundreds of churches. We can’t call Nicky Gumbel young anymore but I haven’t heard a lot of love coming from Mars Hill for Alpha either. Apparently he hasn’t got anything good to say about Karl Martin in Edinburgh nor Pete Greig at HTB or Ness Wilson in Loughborough. (I know the women preacher thing is going to be a problem for him but I am just saying…) With one dismissive comment he writes off all of their ministries and many other fine preachers too many to mention here.”

      I also know a good number of fantastic local people preachers / communicators…

  2. I must preface this by saying that this is the response to the quotation that Mark Drsicoll has been attributed in the media. If this is not a correct attribution, not a misquote and hasn’t been taken out of context, then this is a ridiculous thing to say and a sweeping generalisation.

    First of all, who is Mark Driscoll to take pot shots at the UK, a place he no doubt doesn’t understand? Secondly, who is he to tell God how God should work? Thirdly, where is the evidence to back up what he says? Fourthly, where is the evidence to back up that doing what he says will make a difference anyway?

    Besides. There are 1000s of young preachers. They are the young men and women God is using every day in our schools, colleges and work places. This is the revolution: we need to hear and obey God and he will work through each one of us, as he does. Maybe there will be ‘big named preachers’, maybe there won’t be. Maybe God will use ‘ordinary’ (read ‘extraordinary’) people, as he does across the globe to make a huge impact.

    But I’m personally encouraged if there’s no-one with a ‘big name’. Where does it even say in the Bible about being a ‘big name’..? It does talk about serving, not being a big name. It does talk about humility, but not pride.

    And calling people cowards is offensive. Right now there are 4 people who have been persecuted for their faith in the UK, going to the European Court of Human Rights, taking a stand. There are others taking a stand in many areas. Mr Driscoll, here in the UK, you really have to be a Christian to go to church. You will find very few people not taking a stand for Jesus. Unlike the USA (very generally), the UK isn’t even marginally Christian. If you are a Christian, you will stand out. Period.

    Let’s just remind us what Jesus says in Matthew 25.23 – ‘Well done good and faithful (trustworthy, believing) servant…’ Note how Jesus doesn’t say, ‘well done for being a big name’ (although people may become a big name). Jesus says well done on the basis of being faithful and obedient.

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