10 Ways to get your Church Website Talking

So. You have a Church website.

Fantastic. This means you have information about your Church, where people look for it.

Question for you. Does your website feel a little bit like an online brochure? That might be fine for what you’re trying to achieve, and if your website serves your church and the community it serves, then fantastic.

If you’re been pondering ways to get your website talking, your churches story shared online, and maybe some two way discussion started; then this list is for you:

  1. Blog. Like this. It can be a place to share  news, local stories, videos, weblinks etc…
  2. Video. Video can get reactions from people, who may not be interested in reading a written article.  Just dont fall into the trap of putting a powerful video online, and expecting lives to be changed because of it. Give your visitors the chance to ask questions / follow up on the video.
  3. Contact. Make it easy for people to get in touch with someone from the church. In fact make it really easy for people, to get in touch with you. Try having a form that people can type directly into.
  4. Do you have a Facebook Page?  Is your church on Twitter?  As well as linking to these pages, its also possible to embed your Facebook / Twitter updates into your website. This gives your website some fresh content each time you update Facebook, giving your site a fresher feel.
  5. A number of charities are starting to look more seriously at Google Plus, with some interest in the “Search plus Your World” feature, which links your Google search results in with what people you know are talking about on Google Plus.
  6. Diaspora… you could host a private hub… (maybe for the adventurous types)
  7. Local news / Local Information. Is there any way that you could provide information for the local community?
  8. Run a poll. See what people think. Ask a question during the service, and encourage people to answer it online. In fact, could you encourage people to answer the poll on their smart phones during the service?
  9. On that note, could the preacher encourage questions via Twitter?  Possibly using your churches own #hashtag?

These points are in no particular order, and some are a little more…out there then others.

  • How does your church share its story online?
  • Do you have a tenth tip to share?

Originally posted on The Big Bible

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