The Man Drawer: What’s underneath?

¬†Recently we decided to redo our kitchen, we did it in several stages, first we did the cabinets and changed the doors and the floor…the things that make a big difference very quickly. When we moved into the house we had some lovely disgusting tiles in the kitchen that until recently have still been there. A couple of weeks ago I ripped them off the wall…that was fun!

But what I found behind was some plaster that was fantastic and in brilliant condition, some plaster that had crumbled away and some walls that didn’t even have any plaster on them in the first place. So today I got to try my hand at plastering, I redid the bits that were crumbling and put some onto the wall that had never had any. And no, I’m afraid it doesn’t look quite as good as what that man is doing ūüôĀ

Whilst doing this I found myself thinking that actually it didn’t really matter what my plastering looked like, as long as it stayed on the wall and was relatively level. I mean it’s going to be covered up with new tiles again soon. This was great in some ways as it meant that it took some of the pressure off of me, but without striving for perfection I slipped into a ‘that’ll do’ attitude towards it. I soon corrected this and did the best that I could, which for the first time I’ve ever done plastering probably isn’t that great.

This all got me thinking about how often in our lives things can look fine cos we have our nice shiny ’tiled’ front on, it’s only when we strip back those layers that we see what we’re actually like. And likewise when we start to deal with issues that we struggle with, do we have a “that’ll do” attitude towards it, where we get it almost sorted out and just put our nice shiny front back on.

Any thoughts?



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