The Light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off











For many, Christmas is a really hard time of year. It’s a time when debt gets worse, people borrow more and more money so they can make Christmas a ‘happy’ time. It’s a time when people miss loved ones they’ve lost. It’s a time when many get together with friends and family and a time when some get left on their own with no one around them. For some it probably feels like the ‘Light at the end of the tunnel’ has been turned off; That there is no hope left.

But we know that there is hope…isn’t there? To find that hope we need to look to….


That’s right Elephants. Elephants bring hope?! Not quite, it’s the story of these Elephants that let us know that there is still hope.

You see, these elephants live in Africa and every year they walk for days and days across the desert to try and get to a certain watering hole that I can’t remember the name of. It is a place within the desert that often has lots of water for the elephants to drink. It’s not an easy journey and they have no guarantee that they will make it. Yet they have faith that they will. Hebrews chapter 11 says “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.”

Those elephants are confident that the water they hope for is there, and that they will make it. Even though they could just have stayed at home where they knew there was some water for them! That is faith!

What I haven’t told you yet is that the water the Elephants get was rain that fell 6 months ago, hundreds of miles a way but has finally made it to where the elephants have headed, it’s like the rains been coming down the country whilst they’ve been heading up. The hope of the elephants isn’t in what is to come but in what has already been given for them.

Our hope is found in what has already been given freely to us! Let’s remember that this Christmas.











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