Why the Exeter Cathedral Green?

From The BBC Website:

Occupy camp at Exeter Cathedral is copycat, says bishop

Protesters on Exeter Cathedral Green

Protesters who are camping outside Exeter Cathedral have been branded as “copycats” by the bishop.

The Rt Rev Michael Langrish said he sympathised but felt protesters were “not going about it in the right way”.

Campaigners, including members of Occupy Exeter, have erected tents on Cathedral Green. Bishop Langrish said they were copying protesters in London.

Those camping in the capital and Exeter are supporting a global movement against inequality and corporate greed.

In Exeter, campaigners have camped along one of the cathedral’s walls, but are not blocking the entrance.

Bishop Langrish said: “I am very sympathetic to the questions they are raising, they are important questions.

“I am not convinced they are going about it in the right way. Looking around the green, where are the financial institutions?”


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Now. I’m not exactly the Occupy Movements number one fan, but I cant help but think that Bishop Michael possibly misses the point a little.

Its not really Cathedrals that the Occupy guys are aiming at, but they camp at areas that will get them noticed. The group camped outside St Pauls are only there because its the nearest highy visible spot to the London Stock Exchange, The Occupy Plymouth group are based at Drakes Circus, The Exeter group are at the Cathedral Green… well where else would you go? Its possibly the most visible, most pleasant part of Exeter, its near businesses, banks, and they’re now on the cathedrals agenda.

Where else would a protest camp go?

Oh. And to answer the Bishops question “Looking around the green, where are the financial institutions?” Unless he’s been misquoted, he’s missing the bank right in front of the Cathedral Green…

  • Are the Occupy Groups just copycats?
  • Is there a significance in camping around cathedral’s?
  • How is this going to end? When will be time to go home?
EDIT: Also mentioned in The Telegraph
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    • I totally agree with both the article and comment, the movement has taken the name occupy Exeter not occupy Exeter Cathedral and is there to bring awareness amongst residents. The large majority of UK citizens live in a city without a stock exchange or any relevant political or financial institutions so it is useless to say that it would only be productive if your near one of them as you wouldn’t reach most people.

      The dean made a short speech as the group entered which included an acceptance that many bad things had been done in the name of the church and many times the church has been the centre of power and corruption (the people running it) but that it has always tried to defend the poor and support fairness. I certainly agree with this and think that surely a religion based on kindness and love would naturally oppose greed and inequality.

      I was actually surprised that he said the things he is quoted to have said as he seemed pretty supportive of it and has visited them on multiple occasions

  1. One point that I have not heard raised is that Exeter City Council sold off the leasehold on Princesshay to Landsecurities for a period of 250 years, effectively privatising the heart of our city so that a multi million pound corporation could build a temple to credit card and consumerism. I am a Christian and worship at the Cathedral and I have grave concerns about the corporate take over of public space…you can be removed from Princesshay by their private security for just trying to take a photograph without permission. Thank goodness the church can still offer a space of Sanctuary. I think Bishop Michael (who does not fit neatly into the 99% with his seat in the Lords)has totally missed the point and a God given mission opportunity.

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