Ten iOS Apps To Keep You Connected and Entertained


I’ve found myself at a random train station, with time to kill before the train comes. I’ve got my iPhone, a random old newspaper, and mobile reception. Well I’ve read that newspaper a few times know, and I’ve got a #digidisciple post to write, so I figured I’d introduce you to my current top ten iOS apps to keep you sane and connected while travelling.

The great news is – most of these apps are free!


The mobile app is widely thought of possibly the best way to access the webs newest social network, with a “nearby”  function built into it that enables you to connect with people local to you. Check this article out by @asaltbde which looks into Google Plus in a little more depth.



The official Facebook app, nuff said really…



There feels like a million different Twitter apps, but what makes this different and worth paying for? Quite simply; its easy to use, packed full of funtions, beautiful to look at, and its stable. If you use Twitter on a regular basis, this is worth the couple of quid.


Met Office

Are you likely to get wet when you’re out and about?





Do you take photos with your iPhone?  Want to do something with them? Well this photo editing app seems to do an awful lot. I have to admit, I’m new to this app, and still trying to get my head around it, but first impressions do leave me wondering what this app doesn’t do.

The huge amount of features does seem to have a negative impact on the usability of the software, as it does feel a little clunky. If you have a little patience then check this out.



The web content / blogging software has its own mobile app, helping you blog from where ever you are.


World of Goo

Remember Lemmings? That game where you have to rescue a set amount of lemmings from themselves and the landscape around them? Well… in this game you need to rescue the goo! Careful. If you start this game, you may not lookup for another 30 minutes or so.


Glo Bible

Maps, Videos, Art work, and multiple translations of the Bible in your pocket. Nice.



If you have an iPhone, you may not need a Kindle… download this app and you have also have a Kindle. Except the pages are smaller…


Train Times.

This is perfect for people who go on travel on trains on a regular basis… on that note… must dash… I can see my train approaching…



Whats your “must have” iOS apps? 


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