Down the pub

The Church Sofa were down the pub the other night, and we had a wondering.

Should we invite anyone else along?


So. This is us putting it out there: Does anyone fancy a Church Sofa Tweetup*?


We’re going to be hanging out (hopefully on the sofas) in The Mill On The Exe, in Exeter, on Monday 28th¬†November from 8pm.

If you wanna come along tweet us @thechurchsofa or look out for two guys looking like they’re checking Twitter every two seconds… I may even bring Elvis The Alien out for a trip out…

*We dont have to refer to it as a Church Sofa Tweetup really…

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  1. I live in East Anglia which is about as fast east from you guys as you can get in the UK, so I won’t be able to make it before closing time ūüôĀ

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