Someone. Please Press Pause? #Digidisciple

In the palm of my hand, I have access to what feels like the entire world and possibly more. Just by using this little phone I can not only keep in touch with people around the world, but I can also send them photos I have just taken and edited.

But there’s more:

As I take my walk into work, I have more then enough time to update websites, blog on tumblr, and update Twitter. If I remember to read the Bible, I have access to a number of translations, maps, and images of biblical events… Besides, who said I needed to read it? I can just put the headphones in, and get listening to a random voice reading it to me.

I’ve not even got started on my ability to update my online CV, play computer games, remotely access my computer at home, and measure the distance / speed of my walk… all by using my phone.

Have I even mentioned anything about calling or texting?

With the above in mind, its easy to believe that every 60 seconds*:

  • 79,364 Wall Posts are made on Facebook.
  • Over 6,600 new images are uploaded on Flickr.
  • 694,445 queries are typed into Google.
  • 168 million emails are sent.

Its getting noisy out there.

Think about where we were 10, 15, 20 years ago. Did you ever really imagine we would have such fantastic access to a world of information, almost every where we go. The thing is, its not just information we have access to. Not anymore. Ten years ago, could anyone have seriously imagined how much of our entire lives would be shared online?

With so much access to everything we think we need, do we sometimes forget to slow, turn of the computer, stop the music, and just be quiet? I know I do.

If we live our lives in a digital “always on” world, does it sometimes feel a little noisy?

Do you seek out quieter moments, away from online access? If so, how do you do it?

*Stats from
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