Dear Everyone.

Dear Everyone,

I here by give notice that I am copyrighting the word “Doctrine”. This copyright covers any use of the “Doctrine” in any title of anything anywhere.

If you do decide to carry on using the word “Doctrine”, I would expect to be paid each time you use the said word.

You may or may not receive a cease and desist letter, if this does not happen.

Yours in churchy love.

Team Sofa

Have the above explained to you here; I believe this is waiting to be verified… but does anyone remember the Steelroots saga?

Buy Mark Driscolls “Doctrine” book here.

(EDIT – 23rd October: In the Interests of Fair Play – Here’s a response from The Mars Hill)

(EDIT – 25th October: Looks like this tea cup storm has come to an end. A response from Pastor Scott Hagan, Mars Hill Community (Sacramento), and a report from Christian Post)

I say this is a storm in a tea cup… It just seems a shame that the first move seemed to be to call in the expensive lawyers…

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