10 Moments from #cnmac11

10 moments…

10 Notes or tweets from the day…

10 snippets of conversation…

Hopefully something here to make you think… wonder… or indeed… ponder…

  • Creativity delights God, but we can never forget to keep our motives in check.
  • It’s easy to make cheap shots, but it is cheap…
  • Share your life online. Someone may be better off because of it.
  • Did we all just buy into the hype about #notw are we really invested in social justice and social change? (With thanks to @Goannatree)
  • “The future is about Emotion” – Patrick Dixon
  • Is a “digital sabbath” a “relationship sabbath”?
  • 10 online rules Pray, listen, respect, encourage, take time, share, be welcoming, be grateful, be yourself, and love. (More here)
  •  If you’re serious about online engagement, it is a 365 day commitment – @digitalnun
  • We don’t want noise. We want Truth
  • If Change happens at the edge of the radar, do we look there or do we just stick with what we know?
Did you see or hear anything that stood out? Please feel free to share.
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  1. That’s an interesting point about the “digital sabbath” – at the root of our dependency on technology is the fact that “everyone” uses it… so if you take a break from facebook, emails, (I would add “mobiles”, but haven’t heard of anyone actually doing that), blogs, etc, it is the case that you are separating yourself from a whole lot of conversations and ways of building relationships with friends and family.
    Then again, that’s a whole lot of justification going on for checking facebook once every two hours…

  2. Digital Sabbath! I agree, I try to restrict my Internet Access and use of New Media on Sundays. It’s a breathing space – which I need to reflect on stuff.

    But I don’t totally ignore it, I just try to minimise it.

  3. I’m interested in point 10. As a creative person I often feel like I’m on the edge if church, working at the fringes and that’s where we see fruit. If churches are going to embrace and support creativity, people need to be much more aware if what’s happening at the edges.

  4. So is there a line between checking facebook / Twitter to much, and looking after relationships online?

    In regards to the creative stuff – do we shout enough about what we do away from traditional church services?

  5. Me and a few others had phrases of the day so there was one from Bishop Alan about “Your pants will come out in the end” and it was in reference to blogging and making sure it’s truthful and doesn’t accuse people and thinks like that.

    We then had one from @Adamswbrown on the way back to the train station about trying to get the same word in a sentence lots of times for example “that’s as crazy as a crazy man with crazy hair wearing a crazy hat on crazy day” etc it got very silly in the end!

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