The Church Sofa Half Serious Guide to Church: ‘The Peace’

So those of you who have been to a CofE or Catholic church will more than likely have been confronted with ‘The Peace’ . This is part of the service that has been confusing alot of people for many years. We’re sent our reporters out, and we’ve recieved the following explanations of what “The Peace” actually is:

  • Church Rugby Team taking part in a scrum practice, during the wrong time.
  • “Crazy Hug Minute”
  • A moment to remind yourself that you’re part of something larger then yourself
  • Time to plot with people what they want to drink after the service
  • “Chance to chat up The Grace” (Editors Note – We’re going to get this guy some help…)
Anything we’ve missed?


  1. The time to spot the newbies who are looking utterly perplexed and alienated, so that you can force a “welcome to church” pack on them, complete with contact details form.

    Also a chance to stretch your legs a bit.

  2. A time to show how truly caring & inclusive you are by approaching everything living before sitting down, including the organist and church cat.

    This may solicit the other tradition of the folding of arms and rolling of eyes by the vicar at alter level waiting to start.

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