Church Sofa Half Serious Guide To Church: In Christian Love

Normally when putting together a definition for our “Half Serious Guide To Church”, we give our researchers a task or a phrase and send them to Church. This time we decided to experiment on them. We sat them all down together in a tiny room and asked them to do something “in Christian Love”.

The reactions were interesting.

  • One turned around to another… and well gave some rather… blunt personal advice…
  • One guy laughed. Hit another. Said that was done “in Christian love”.
  • Someone got up, and made everyone tea.

I suppose 1 positive reaction isn’t bad..?

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  1. Just wondering how it can be ‘half-serious’ guide to Church. Most guides to church as fully not serious and make me laugh. They describe history, bricks and mortar, and if you’re lucky, somewhere will mention God, Worship and even community.

    Could you give us a Church Sofa guide to Church Web Sites, there must be some good ones out there?

    • ‘half-serious’ guide to Church – Named as such because its a series of blog posts that look at things alot of people get up to while being part of “church”.

      Half Serious. Because you cant take all of it seriously. Please dont.

      But in regards to your comments about Church Websites – It may be worthwhile keeping an eye on for future projects…

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