Where is My Church?


I’m sorry.

This post is going to be a mess, but hopefully in a good way. Hopefully you’ll see why. Hopefully I’m not about to kill the Big Bible readership in one foul swoop.

I was going to write about my day…

You see, I’m not a morning person. Yet somehow between when I stumble bleary eyed out of bed, and putting one foot in front of the other as I walk out the door, I have already checked Twitter.

I get on the bus, and if I remember, I try and read a Bible chapter on the iPhone. While a friend of mine across the city uses his YouVersion Android app to run through a Bible Reading Plan.   While this is going on, other people receive teaching from famous voices on podcasts, have personal worship times thanks to the MP3s on their headphones, and can connect with other like minded Christians via Twitter.

Every couple of weeks, a friend and I meet up after work. Have a beer, share in each others lives, and work though the Bible. Obviously not by using a book… but by using our smart phones.

I was going to share my worries that maybe we’re making it too easy for people to feel they didn’t need to go to Church. I was going to ponder if online communities like Twitter, ease of access to worship tunes, and ability to watch sermons online were giving people the chance to have their church on tap.

But maybe I was being too harsh? I was going to post something like the above, but then a @bigdaddywhale posted the below on Twitter:

I belong to many expressions of church. My favourite right now is Twitter. Thank you my family.

If that left me thinking, what he followed up with was almost like a slap around the face:

This is my #Digichurch this is where I heal my hurts

Many expressions of Church… Twitter. The Pub. Google Hangouts. Sunday Mornings. An Online Service.

The end of Acts Chapter 2, tells of the early Church meeting in each others homes, sharing in  each others lives. Are we simply just doing the same thing in our digital lives? Just on Twitter accounts, blogs, and Google Plus pages?

If we are living lives in a digital space, do we need to have a rethink about what it means to be Church?

So I’m sorry.

That was all a bit messy. But isn’t that what it’s like to be in a church any way?

  •  ”This is My Church, This is where I heal my hurts” – Taken from the Faithless tune: “God is a DJ
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