Church Sofa T-Shirts

It’s new, it’s exciting and it’s almost definitely true!

The church Sofa lads are going to get some church sofa t shirts, and we need your help to design it, if you’d like to submit a design, the best one when we decide to close the competition will be turned into an actual tshirt and you will receive a signed photo of both Andy’s in their very own church sofa tshirt’s*.

You may be thinking, hold on a sec the church sofa seems reasonably well designed…these guys must be able to design a tshirt. Well this is the best we’ve come up with. And if you don’t come up with something better we’ll make this!














So you might be thinking now, but I don’t have any design software? or I don’t know how to use it?

If that’s you feel free just to let us know a catchy slogan that would either go with the church sofa logo or would be a good stand alone slogan about church.


*You dont have to have a photo unless you really want too!


  1. The best slogan I know is:

    ‘It’s better to be on the beach thinking about God that be at church thinking about the beach’

  2. Surely ‘… since 330AD’ would be even more appropriate, relating the date to when Constantine freed the Church from persecution (killed it) by making it a pillar of empire/government.

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