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Well heres something for the local Exeter lot; Church in Exeter – in hand with Biblefresh and the Cathedral are planning to put on a Bible-reading marathon:

Bible Reading Marathon photo

3 September 2011As part of celebrations to mark the 400th anniversary of the publication of the King James Bible, a Bible-reading marathon is to take place in central Exeter.

Churches from across Exeter are taking part in the event, which forms part of the Biblefresh initiative, a project promoting the Bible in events across the UK this year.

The public reading of 100 texts from Genesis to Revelation will take place from 8am on September 3rd on a stage at the West Front of Exeter Cathedral. Seating will be provided and the day begins with bacon butties served at 8am and ends with hot dogs available from 6pm.

The texts have been carefully selected by Scripture Union, as part of their E100 project, and offer a journey through the main storyline of the Bible. Free copies of St Luke’s Gospel will be handed out to those listening, as will E100 programmes to encourage people to continue their reading.

Diocesan Missioner the Revd Canon Anna Norman-Walker, speaking on behalf of Churches Together Across Exeter, says, “We want to celebrate that for 400 years ordinary people in this country have been able to read an authorised version of the Bible in their own language. This Big Story has transformed millions of lives and inspired people to live lives of generosity and sacrifice as a result – something we need more than ever in these days.

We hope that, as a result of this celebration, some listeners will feel inspired to give the Bible a go!”


I’m presuming the “West Front of the Cathedral” is the Cathedral Green. But I’m sure if you wonder around enough, you’ll find it.

From what I’ve heard it should be more then simply 100 readings, with a few churches planning to try and do something different with their passages. But I suppose that may change between now and then.

I’m planning to be there during the late morning, so if you see me, please feel free to come up to me and say “You’re ThatAndy from TheChurchSofa, and I claim my prize*”

*”The prize” might just be a handshake…


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