Bible Reading in Exeter

Well heres something for the local Exeter lot; Church in Exeter – in hand with Biblefresh and the Cathedral are planning to put on a Bible-reading marathon:

Bible Reading Marathon photo

3 September 2011As part of celebrations to mark the 400th anniversary of the publication of the King James Bible, a Bible-reading marathon is to take place in central Exeter.

Churches from across Exeter are taking part in the event, which forms part of the Biblefresh initiative, a project promoting the Bible in events across the UK this year.

The public reading of 100 texts from Genesis to Revelation will take place from 8am on September 3rd on a stage at the West Front of Exeter Cathedral. Seating will be provided and the day begins with bacon butties served at 8am and ends with hot dogs available from 6pm.

The texts have been carefully selected by Scripture Union, as part of their E100 project, and offer a journey through the main storyline of the Bible. Free copies of St Luke’s Gospel will be handed out to those listening, as will E100 programmes to encourage people to continue their reading.

Diocesan Missioner the Revd Canon Anna Norman-Walker, speaking on behalf of Churches Together Across Exeter, says, “We want to celebrate that for 400 years ordinary people in this country have been able to read an authorised version of the Bible in their own language. This Big Story has transformed millions of lives and inspired people to live lives of generosity and sacrifice as a result – something we need more than ever in these days.

We hope that, as a result of this celebration, some listeners will feel inspired to give the Bible a go!”


I’m presuming the “West Front of the Cathedral” is the Cathedral Green. But I’m sure if you wonder around enough, you’ll find it.

From what I’ve heard it should be more then simply 100 readings, with a few churches planning to try and do something different with their passages. But I suppose that may change between now and then.

I’m planning to be there during the late morning, so if you see me, please feel free to come up to me and say “You’re ThatAndy from TheChurchSofa, and I claim my prize*”

*”The prize” might just be a handshake…


The Church Sofa Half Serious Guide To Church

We’re getting our heads around a new series of posts in which we try and cast some light over some of the stuff we do in Church.

The first random Church thing we’ll probably try and fail at explaining will be “The Grace”, and will probably be written in the style of our Church Sofa Lists.

Can you think of any random Church  thing for us to look at?

Sell Greenbelt To Me!

I have something to admit.

While “This Andy” is a Greenbelt regular, I have never actually gone along. But I have to admit, the combination of this years line up, and watching the #gb11 twitter stream has kinda made me want to go. Actually I wanted to go this year – but thats a whole different story…

So – if you have any opinions about Greenbelt, I have some questions for you!

  • In your words, what is it?
  • Is it worth going along?
  • Why is it worth going along?
  • Would you drag your non Christian mates along?
Really really interested in what you reckon, particularly that last point. I’d love to hear what you reckon either in the comments below, via the email link to your left, or on Twitter ( we’re @thechurchsofa )

The Simpsons View on Riots

So the England riots happened. It will probably be the English based news story for August. And after all the comment. After all the opinion. After all the talk we’ve heard, I’d just like to bring peoples attention to the following quote from a certain police chief:

“rioting gives people a sense of community. And isn’t that what we’re all seeking in this age of computers and global warming?”

Chief Wiggum – “Springfield Shopper”

The full article which looks at the history of riots directed at Homer Simpson, is available with The Simpsons Movie DVD.

Where is My Church?


I’m sorry.

This post is going to be a mess, but hopefully in a good way. Hopefully you’ll see why. Hopefully I’m not about to kill the Big Bible readership in one foul swoop.

I was going to write about my day…

You see, I’m not a morning person. Yet somehow between when I stumble bleary eyed out of bed, and putting one foot in front of the other as I walk out the door, I have already checked Twitter.

I get on the bus, and if I remember, I try and read a Bible chapter on the iPhone. While a friend of mine across the city uses his YouVersion Android app to run through a Bible Reading Plan.   While this is going on, other people receive teaching from famous voices on podcasts, have personal worship times thanks to the MP3s on their headphones, and can connect with other like minded Christians via Twitter.

Every couple of weeks, a friend and I meet up after work. Have a beer, share in each others lives, and work though the Bible. Obviously not by using a book… but by using our smart phones.

I was going to share my worries that maybe we’re making it too easy for people to feel they didn’t need to go to Church. I was going to ponder if online communities like Twitter, ease of access to worship tunes, and ability to watch sermons online were giving people the chance to have their church on tap.

But maybe I was being too harsh? I was going to post something like the above, but then a @bigdaddywhale posted the below on Twitter:

I belong to many expressions of church. My favourite right now is Twitter. Thank you my family.

If that left me thinking, what he followed up with was almost like a slap around the face:

This is my #Digichurch this is where I heal my hurts

Many expressions of Church… Twitter. The Pub. Google Hangouts. Sunday Mornings. An Online Service.

The end of Acts Chapter 2, tells of the early Church meeting in each others homes, sharing in  each others lives. Are we simply just doing the same thing in our digital lives? Just on Twitter accounts, blogs, and Google Plus pages?

If we are living lives in a digital space, do we need to have a rethink about what it means to be Church?

So I’m sorry.

That was all a bit messy. But isn’t that what it’s like to be in a church any way?

  •  ”This is My Church, This is where I heal my hurts” – Taken from the Faithless tune: “God is a DJ

Weekly Roundup: The Bank Holiday Edition

Well… with the bank holiday around the corner, and everyone having plans for the long weekend, we’ve brought the weekly roundup today. See if you can guess the theme:

  • Anna looks forward to the #iMass – in fact I think I’ve got a picture or two featured in it as well…
  • @Gurdur is a lion being thrown to the Christians…
  • @thomasashmead shares his SoulSurvivor memories…
  • Dave Walker of The Cartoon Church asks for peoples plaster casts, and discusses other Greenbelt type things…
  • …and finally… Not forgetting… Our own game. Are you ready to play, WheresAndy?