The Church Sofa Self Indulgent List of Stuff

Well… its our birthday, and we’re going to indulge ourselves a little by looking at the more interesting search terms people have used to come across the Church Sofa:

  1. “Church Irony”
  2. “Can i get married in a c of e church on a thursday?” –  I wanna guess maybe…
  3. “andy hood mackay” – I’m intrigued by this one. Just for the record… we’re not married… nor do we have a double barrelled surname….
  4. “ben sheward” – That legendary Westminster Abbey Verger   – Our first and so far only Hero of The Week!!!
  5. “church agm funny” – Are they? Really?
  6. “101 things to do when your bored uk” – I think… This was a result of when my computer died a long… painful… slow death
  7. … on that note a quite a lot of people have paid us a visit searching for “why macs are better than pcs”. For some odd reason a lot more people typed it this way round instead of PCs being better then Macs… Cant think why…
  8. “lego church pews” – Seriously? Really? Ouch? (I would guess this was something to do with the Lego Easter)
  9. “life is a pile of good things and bad things” – Wise words from the Doctor.
  10. And finally… “bench ball rules“. Yes yes it does!



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