The Church Lounge – Come and Chill with The Church Sofa Lads

Welcome to “The Church Lounge” – its a space for guest bloggers to come and join us on the ChurchSofa to share their thoughts and ponderings on one / some / all of the following:

  • Church or Sofa?  Where would you like to be?
  • Church Marketing – How Great Can Be? (or not be?)
  • You. Church. The Digital Age.
  • Why are you a Christian? (Or – why are you not a Christian?)
  • Another?

Please use the contact form above to email us your blog submission (or click here for a direct link), with links to any photos you’d like included. You could include a photo of you on your sofa?

No more then 600 words please!

We’d ask that if you want the article posted elsewhere, that you’d wait a week first, and also include a link back to The Church Sofa. Thanks.

With HUGE thanks to Jonny Rose for the idea!!


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  1. Aidan (@wildpozzer)

    Thanks for the invite, I’m working on it. Glad to engage with yous.

  2. Jonny Rose

    Ha ha, nice guys – thanks for the mention.

    Am well up for contributing in the fullness of time and I look forward to seeing who you get writing for you 🙂

  3. Jon Butler

    Fab ideas Andys. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes up.

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  7. dconneely2012

    You wouldn’t catch Jesus reclining on a couch when he should be breaking bread with his disciples… oh wait.

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