On the sofa with Tom…

So you may have noticed a picture on the side of The Church Sofa about Laughing with some guy named Tom. We thought you all might like to find out a little more about who this guy is so we invited him to join us on the sofa for a while and tell us a bit more. Please sit back, relax and enjoy our interview with the man behind ‘Laughing with Tom’

If you could be any vegetable, what would you be and why?

Ooh, I think that would have to be a carrot. For no other reason than because I love carrots and houmous.

What is your favorite pudding and why? 

Banoffee pie. Taste it and see. I tell you, it’s the desert of the heavenly banquet – believe me, I’ve checked.

Are you a funny man, a magic man, a speaker man, or a preacher man? Or a combination? 

A combination – A little bit like Banoffee pie. Special.

Tell us a joke… 

Went into tesco’s and all these dwarfs were stacking shelves, I thought ‘Every little helps…’

What’s your book about?

It’s a combination of stories, both humorous and serious, illustrating quick thoughts and biblical reflections.

Any embarrassing moments from tours gone by?

Not embarrassing as such but a while back, my fiance Natalie had come to film a show for me. She had left her camera to charge back stage whilst I was setting up on stage. An hour or so later, I went back stage to get changed and someone had come in looking for a video camera on behalf of someone else – They asked me if the video camera on charge belonged to me – I said ‘no, not at all’.

‘That must be the one then’ she replied and off she went.

I soon came to realise after Natalie’s much panicked face that I had given away her video camera!!!

I was not in her good books that evening. My pre-show warm up consisted of finding the lady with the camera!! There were so many people, it felt like a live game of ‘Where’s Wally’.

How did you know you wanted to do “Laughing with Tom”?

Soon after learning Ventriloquism through my churches puppet ministry – I teamed up with a mate who did magic to do kids parties. We toured quite a bit entertaining children for their birthdays and even went on Brownie Camp!

He then got a proper job – I continued and gradually felt God’s call to use my skills for evangelism after reading a book, whilst sat in my PJ’s – which is a bit strange when in a Library but none the less…

How can we come and watch you perform?

Check my website – See my diary page. I’m doing a very mini tour in 2012. By this I mean, a few gigs clumped together on a series of Saturdays… So far I am touring in Monmouth, Nailsea, Yeovil & Ruardeen with more showing interested. Come along and bring a non-christian friend!

How can we get more information?

Don’t bother asking Jeeves – He’ll be no use on this one.

Instead, try www.laughingwithtom.co.uk.

Whats been your biggest challenge after you started to be professionally funny?

Funny? Doubt it – My biggest challenge is when you’ve had a big build up, you are ready for a great gig and you enter the stage to find an audience who have just personally experienced the grim reaper at their door…or so it seems.

Why do you believe in God?

One thing I love about ‘Laughing with Tom’ is the opportunity it gives me to travel around the country, forming an intimate relationship with the M5 and eating many chocolate eclairs on the way.

But seriously – As I look at the creation around us, as I meet loads of people and as I witness God working in people’s lives and making a massive difference – I stand in awe of a God who created it all and sustains it each day.

I have found Jesus’ words to be immensely true when he says ‘A thief comes to steal and destroy but I’ve come to give life and life in all it’s fullness’. People are distracted in life by so many things and have yet to find themselves settled – Yet my experience of Jesus reminds me that life is so much more of an adventure and so much more fulfilling with him in the driving seat. I remind myself that all I need is him and I’m sorted.

Where is your favourite sofa?

Other people’s sofas always seem more comfy than our own? Do you agree? I’ve never really logged where my favourite is though and so I will keep that in mind.

Any memorable Church Sofa’s on your travels?

Ahh yes – I’ve certainly seen a few coffee stained, wine stained, slightly shredded sofas, some with christian graffiti on the arm rest… – usually in the church rooms that no one else goes in which then becomes my dressing room!

Show biz at it’s best I tell you….


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