Do you want a Church Notice Board?

Do you need to build yourself a Church Notice Board?

Have you got the need to explain to the public what you get upto?

Well ChurchCare has supplied the a number of hints and tips.

Personally I was intrigued by:

The passer-by must be able to understand the message it is conveying, and the size of the lettering is important. Many people are not now familiar with ‘churchy’ language. For example, ‘Morning Service’ may be more easy to understand than ‘Mattins’, ‘Solemnisation of matrimony’ less clear than ‘Marriages’.

‘Mattins’? I didn’t even realise that was a word..??

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  1. Even more worrying, it should be ‘matins’ a terms that I have heard used for quite some time as it was replaced by ‘Morning Prayer’ and these days, for most is non-existent in that they appear to have :

    Blackbirdcoughing O’clock – Holy Communion (often Book of Common Prayer, 1662 BCP)
    Smoker’scoughing O’Clock – Family Communion (interchangeable with ‘All-Age Torture)

    Wakeupfromheavylunchandtriptopub O’Clock – Evening Service (or Evensong (1662BCP) or if you are trendy ‘Encounter’ of some other whizzy name to get people in, service

    Weddings also done here (but we’re not a cheap as the Register Office but the buildings pretty and we have bells on it too!)

    Most of the church noticeboards I see are an abomination before the gods (minor invented deities) of advertising and marketing!


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