BBC Poor Kids Documentary

Saw this on BBC3 tonight…

Sometimes words just cant be said…

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  1. Oh my word, I feel so selfish for the things i am able to provide for my children and the area we live. I was speechless at the conditions those children lived in.
    I honestly thought i had a deprived childhood, until i saw the pain and humiliation in those childrens eyes, this is what our governemnt was supposed to erradicate within the next 8 years?? Well I think they need to re assess the impact the governments claw backs on benefits is going to have, sending more families into poverty as they continue with the wave of cut backs.
    To hear how they are missing lunch, but dont mind so much as they know they will eat all their tea is absolutly discraceful, how on earth are we allowing our country to put the most innocent through such heart pulling circumstances,
    I could easiely write 2500 words for my Uni assignment with the OU on this, I really am struggling with putting into words how the impact of poverty is having on the worlds children and didnt quiet undertand what was ment by ‘understanding at a local issue or global…’ well come on it is clear in the UK this needs understood locally. The councils should be addressing the housing needs of families such as these, the illness the children are enduring are clearly as a result of neglect, not so much the parents but through inadequate housing, taking away the basic rights of a child of somewhere safe to live. Clearly safety is not only about the area in which they live, but the housing standards in which they live. I am not good remembering names and wished I had taken notes, but I wanted to watch the program so I may re watch to pick up on the finer details.
    Even the children are aware it is the housing conditions that is making and keeping them ill, those are clearly illnesses that should not be attributed through the childrens living conditions. I nearly wept at the state of that poor girls exema on her feet, never in my life have I seen a child in such a condition, those children seemed so un-kept.
    There were so many things that had me in tears, the young boy who was wearing girls uniform had me sat in total astonishment that the school its self had not interviened, I throw away good quality uniforms every July in preperation for the new september start, if I knew where these children were I would gladly take them round, his trousers were disgraceful never in my life have I seen such poverty , so clear on a childs appearence when nothing seems to be getting actioned to save them,
    Had the child been in a childrens home or foster care they would be fed, clean and well dressed, promoting PSED is one of the simplest things we can do for a child.
    Appearence is a major part in a childs life, so why is the state allowing these children to slip through the net when we have a strong social care network established in the UK.
    I could not sleep last night thinking of those children within the document and I think instead of continually giving parents who are in this circumstance does not seem to be benifiting our futures, the money would be better spend providing basic necessities, why where they not in emergency housing, where the home is mould free, damp free, continuous hot water and heat, basic meals and clothes.

    I remember vividly as a child living in what I deemed as relative poverty and the only holiday we got was provided by the state. I lived and was brought up in Keswick, a affluent town in Cumbria, social services would provide a 10 days break for the children and parents in Alon by. (spelt wrong) in Cumbria on the coast in what was called the ‘sunshine home’ it was a large house which was run by caring professionals situated on the beach, we stayed on our own with children from all over, no clothes were taken, they had wardrobes full of clothes which we used, the staff we excellent we went to the beach everyday to build sand castles and even had 1 pony ride up the beach, we all sat down to meals together, I think about 12 kids attended at a time so it was a very limited resource but it gave us something to look forward to , nice clothes, good hot food, beach play, a huge garden full of toys and bikes, swings and other large outdoor play equipment, now knowing I had been chosen to go there did not faulter my confidence, clearly the opposite, it lifted my spirit every summer,
    To think going to a children’s home for my holidays in the summer as a child was the highlight of my year, still saddens me to this day, however it was this simple act of goodness that enabled me to see life from a different prospective. Being able live like other children was a god send. I am unsure if this facility still exits but it should as I did feel loved , wanted , cared for and part of society when I attended, some thing the children in the documentary clearly had missing from their lives.

    I almost felt at times the children had been primed to say some of the things they came out with, they seemed so in touch with what was a necessity and what was a luxury,
    sorry I really could dissect the documentary all morning, it seemed so wrong in so many ways, I would love to give any child living in these conditions a holiday with my family within my home, even if its just a temporary fix, to give them lasting memories like I had of the Sunshine home I would go to as a child. If anyone knows where I could research this more please let me know. I am disgusted in the conditions some of our children live in and it affects them socially, emotionally and physically, were one of the most affluent countries in the world yet with one of the highest levels of poverty, I think the documentary showed us 4th from the worst. How can this be in the 21 century when children’s rights are so important to us, where education , welfare and health care is freely available.

    I am sure many of us will have plenty to say regarding this and I hope we do , it shows the compassion we have as caring members of society, regardless what the parents do with the benefits it is the most vulnerable that suffer and that suffering is unacceptable……

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