Are you a #Digidisciple?

I’m almost hearing you think “Whats a #Digidisciple?”

Well one definition of a disciple is:

A Disciple is one who grows in Christ and in so doing models and teaches Christians the precepts of the Bible, prayer, doctrine, relationship, Christian living, service, and worship, to name the main ones.
A Digital disciple is a someone who seeks to live out the above in a world saturated by digital information and access, or as the Big Bible puts it:
A ‘digital disciple’, or, as we are calling it, a #digidisciple is someone who seeks to live out their Biblically-informed Christian faith in the digital space, whether they are dipping a toe in, or are fully immersed in the digital worlds … and, yes, there are lots of different digital worlds, including some more well known ones: Facebook, Twitter, blogging, Second Life, the increasingly mobile and interactive nature of the digital space… just as the online world has moved from read, to read/write, to immersed.
The ChurchSofa lads are going to be joining with others at the BigBible site  in trying to work out what being a #Digidisciple really does mean, and how we can live as one.
We’re going to be blogging on “My So Called Digital Life”. While we’re getting our heads around what that means, I’d suggest heading over to The Big Bible Blog and getting stuck into the discussion that’s started so far.
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