The Weekly RoundUp: The Vegetable Market Edition

Its Saturday.

Here’s some weekend reading to ease you into the weekend:

  • David Kerrigan looks at the whole idea of having a calling to do something, and what does Gods plan look like anyway?
  • Remember the BigBible? There are some exciting changes coming
  • The 21CN Christian ponders if we are too nice
  • In case you missed it at the beginning of the week, the Guardian Newspaper presents an amazing video showing looking at faith, church, and the ‘Big Society’ in action…
  • Do you run a youthclub? Work with young people? Work with people? How do you remember peoples names? Dave Walker has some suggestions…
  • Ever wondered how close a vegetable market can get to a train track?
  • And finally… It looks like the guys at Westboro Baptist are planning to picket Mars Hill, the church where Mark Driscoll is based at. Now I have to admit, I’m not a fan of old Marky boy (heres one example), but I love his blog post about the planned picketing. He some how manages to balance being cheeky with being informative, and welcoming.  Nice one. Now can I get a donut?
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