How to get the Church Leader to love you

1. Volunteer to join the Jack Bauer School of Evangelism.
2. Raise your hands in worship at least twice every sunday.
3. During the sermon shout out helpful, slightly related Bible verses, my favourite is 2 Kings 2:23-24.
4. If you’re gonna doodle, do it in your own Bible.
5. As you leave ‘hum’ parts of the sermon to yourself, so he doesn’t feel jealous of the worship leader.
6. During the sermon shout out AMEN! Every 5 minutes…
7. Volunteer to do the church newsletter, and do it well.
8. Make your ‘fly needs checking’ motions halfway through the service.
9. Ask at least a week before hand what their main points in the sermon will be, so you can read up on it.
10. Make sermon notes on Twitter… and tell them what Twitter is.

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