Do You BLAB?

Well here’s something thats just appeared on our radar.

Following “Chirp – The Christian Alternative To Twitter“, it looks like MyBlab is here to join in the Christian social networking party. From the looks of it… it seems to be presenting itself as an alternative to Facebook. I cant help but wonder, why are these sites set up?

Whats so bad with Christians being part of Twitter / Facebook?

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  1. Twitter is the devil’s own messaging service, of course, and Facebook exposes Christians to the social lives of unbelievers. Unacceptable! They will become corrupted!

    Christians are so dumb.

  2. MyBlab? Well, I suppose it suggests that Christians (a) are self-centred and (b) can’t be trusted to keep confidences. Hmm. Is this the image we want to convey?

  3. Love it Stuart, can’t see any reason why Christians shouldn’t be involved with all forms of media within reason :p, if we’re not in touch with people then that’s how stereotypes and assumptions about Christians being boring and unreasonable come about.

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