The Weekly Round Up – With a Fundamentalist Flavour Edition

Welcome to this weeks weekly round up:

  • Richard Littledale looks the relationship between preachers and rubber ducks.
  • The Blue Fish asks if Joseph is a story of comedy or a tragedy?
  • JesusNeedsNewPR comments on an American documentary series called 20/20, who has an episode looking at the Independent Fundamental Baptist Churches… Warning: If the that Westboro lot make your blood pressure raise – you may want to avoid this…
  • … but on that subject… in a week that a fresh Westboro baptist documentary was shown in the UK, the same old links went flying around the place… one of the best I saw was what happened when Westboro Baptist went to protest at the Twitter Offices…
  • On a different subject, the ASBO Jesus has a TShirt shop!!! I think I’ve already found a ******* *** **** (censored due to that person sometimes reading this)
  • And finally… part of me so wants to drive this!!
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