The Weekly Round Up – The Delayed Edition

Due to easterLive taking over last week – please consider this less of a “roundup” – more a collection of random bits and pieces:

  • Did you like the Lego Easter? You may enjoy the Jelly Baby Easter
  • The 21st Century Christian makes a comment on his local Easter celebrations.
  • Moving away from Easter, and back on an old topic… @Gerrarrdus looks at tweeting in Church.
  • The Archbishop of Canterbury makes a good move.
  • While the Bishop of Oxford doesn’t make a good move… The Church Mouse takes a look at what he said…
  • On a different note, DigitalSpy have done an article on controversial video games – look out for the question that they leave us all with.
  • Last but not least, huge thanks to ShareCreative and all the folks involved with running EasterLIVE. Personally I loved how it brought home to me the crazy events that was the original Easter… it also gave me an excuse to play with Lego…


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