The Bible Without God is Like…

Inspired by Bible for atheists – like lager without the alcohol?, and Jane Chelliah’s comment that went along side it, here is our list of comparisions of what the Bible is like without God:

The Bible Without God is Like…

  • Cheese and Crackers – without the Cheese.
  • Fish and Chips without the fish…
  • Cheese with no milk…
  • Wine without grapes…
  • Radio with no signal.
  • Doctor Who without a TARDIS.
  • Curry without Curry Powder (h/t Jane Chelliah)
  • Back To The Future without the Delorean
  • Omelette without eggs.
  • Coke without sugar or caffeine (have you tasted sugar free / decaff Coke?)

Is there any more we could use?

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