Ben Sheward – Hero of The Week

We’re going to start a new weekly* series called Hero / Villain of the week. Basically people would be a hero if they did something particularly cool, something note worthy… in a positive way… If someone is awarded “Villain” they just made us wince, sigh, or just shout out “DOH”.

We’re starting with Ben Sheward a verger at Westminister Abbey, who after a successful royal wedding, did cartwheels down the centre aisle. In my mind he managed to show great joyful emotion from the Westminister Abbey crew, sum up the mood of a nation, and provide a fantastic comedy moment at the same time.

Here is that moment:

Sorry about Phillip Schofield.

*We say “weekly” – we may not do another one for months…

[EDIT – 2nd May] Sadly it seems our hero has been looked upon as a Villain by the powers that be, and has been in trouble for showing joy… the Arch Bishop Cranmer is collecting a petition together in his support. May be worth checking it out… Please…

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  1. “The fruit of the Spirit is…joy”. What better way to express joy than cartwheeling in Westminster Abbey? Or should we blame whatever celebratory drinks the abbey staff enjoyed after the wedding guests had left? Or the sheer relief that it was all over without a hitch? Or did he do it for a dare? I like to think he does it every day but no-one noticed before.

  2. I love the idea of it being a daily ritual!

    In fact thinking about it, I love the idea of a daily silly ritual – something to make you (and the others that catch you) smile!

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