Ben Sheward – Hero of The Week

We’re going to start a new weekly* series called Hero / Villain of the week. Basically people would be a hero if they did something particularly cool, something note worthy… in a positive way… If someone is awarded “Villain” they just made us wince, sigh, or just shout out “DOH”.

We’re starting with Ben Sheward a verger at Westminister Abbey, who after a successful royal wedding, did cartwheels down the centre aisle. In my mind he managed to show great joyful emotion from the Westminister Abbey crew, sum up the mood of a nation, and provide a fantastic comedy moment at the same time.

Here is that moment:

Sorry about Phillip Schofield.

*We say “weekly” – we may not do another one for months…

[EDIT – 2nd May] Sadly it seems our hero has been looked upon as a Villain by the powers that be, and has been in trouble for showing joy… the Arch Bishop Cranmer is collecting a petition together in his support. May be worth checking it out… Please…

Church Sofa reflection #1 – Job Done.

Beer and Bible - Jesus The Carpenter
Well here goes for the first Church Sofa Devotion /Reflection /Bible bit/ thing. And as is the season it’s about Easter. We’ve deliberately not drawn any conclusions so feel free to draw your own and please share them too.

I’m the son of a carpenter. Which lead to great fun growing up getting to go to building sites and help my Dad bring walls down and then build something in it’s place. Recently I’ve, at times, been wandering about maybe following in the trade, though I think this may just be me trying to escape work.

Anyway a few thousand years ago carpenters had a tradition. They’d have a cloth with them that they’d wipe sweat away with and clean up their work with too. And when they’d finish the job they’d fold up the cloth and leave it behind.  It was a symbol to say the job is finished, my work is done. A few interesting thoughts, Jesus was a carpenter, when he came out of the tomb he left behind a folded up cloth. My work is done.




The Weekly Round Up – The Delayed Edition

Due to easterLive taking over last week – please consider this less of a “roundup” – more a collection of random bits and pieces:

  • Did you like the Lego Easter? You may enjoy the Jelly Baby Easter
  • The 21st Century Christian makes a comment on his local Easter celebrations.
  • Moving away from Easter, and back on an old topic… @Gerrarrdus looks at tweeting in Church.
  • The Archbishop of Canterbury makes a good move.
  • While the Bishop of Oxford doesn’t make a good move… The Church Mouse takes a look at what he said…
  • On a different note, DigitalSpy have done an article on controversial video games – look out for the question that they leave us all with.
  • Last but not least, huge thanks to ShareCreative and all the folks involved with running EasterLIVE. Personally I loved how it brought home to me the crazy events that was the original Easter… it also gave me an excuse to play with Lego…


Church Sofa devotions

I’d like to tell you a story. And in true Church Sofa style it goes like this

The other night we were at the pub. And eventually got to talking specifically about The Church Sofa, we reflected on the Lego Easter series, and started coming up with some possibly very stupid ideas for Christmas and next Easter (it’s true we do plan that far ahead…ish). And we decided it might be kinda cool if we start doing a Church Sofa reflection/devotion type thing. The aim would be for this to go to being once a week but might start off closer to one a month.

I thought I’d float the idea out and see if anyone had any suggestions on first of all people might want this, and perhaps for any content you might want to see in them.